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Macau Pension Fund Management Company Limited - The Partner you can trust  

Pension fund service provider should always stay close to clients. Based on our experience of understanding local market, Macau Pension Fund Management Company Limited (MPFM) performs a specialist of risk management with offering high-quality services to you.

Our strong experience in pension funds and retirement scheme management complemented with the expertise of global investment advisors and together with MPFM for providing portfolio management to you and brings you a peaceful and joyful life in your retirement stage.

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MPFM Stable Fund
MPFM Balanced Fund
MPFM Growth Fund
MPFM Dragon Fund

MOP 128.00
MOP 171.60
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MOP 215.32
MOP 181.57
MOP 139.90
MOP 156.35
MOP 172.50
MOP 165.64